Christopher Chechak

District Safety Manager

Christopher is responsible for outlining safe operational procedures to identify and take account of all relevant hazards. He conducts regular site inspections to confirm that policies and procedures are being properly implemented, and that work practices are safe and compliant with legislation. Christopher records any incidents and accidents, and prepares reports that detail the incidents and describe the measures that have been put in place to ensure that the incidents will not recur.

Christopher has extensive experience in occupational health and safety management in the construction sector, together with well-honed people skills. He has high-level problem-solving abilities and computer skills. Over his 28 years as a safety professional, Christopher has a record of zero lost time injuries. In his role as Health & Safety Manager, Christopher fulfills all the responsibilities as described in the

Proposed role section above, and also:

  • Develops the site-specific safety plan and emergency response plan
  • Conducts site orientations
  • Ensures effectiveness of the risk management system
  • Conducts site safety Inspections to ensure compliance and that corrective actions are in place and completed in a timely manner
  • Develops site-specific safe work practices and procedures, including document control management and incident investigations