Metrolinx PRESTO Card Reader Installation

Location -

Toronto, Ontario

Project Start Date -

May 2015

Project Completion Date -

December 2016

Metrolinx contracted Four Seasons to oversee upgrades at Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) subway stations to enable payment by Presto card at all 45 stations. Original scope anticipated retrofitting turnstiles with new card readers by the deadline of April 2017.

Key challenges for this project included:

  • Management and coordination of multiple trades (electrical, carpentry, terrazzo, tile) across multiple, geographically distinct sites. Started with four teams of five and progressed to more than 100 working on various locations and aspects.  
  • Significant scope and deadline changes. Instead of retrofitting turnstiles with minimal additional work and expense project called for installation of whole new gates, including additional electrical, concrete and tiling. Deadline was moved up from April 2017 to December 2016. Revised scope was completed on time in December 2016, demonstrating Four Seasons’ flexibility and ability to scale.
  • Quick response to changing demands and conditions. Implementation took place alongside continuous traffic in stations, and in response to changing needs. Required 24/7 availability of key personnel, twice-daily conference calls, twice-weekly meetings, and monthly meetings.
  • Required close collaboration, effective communication and monitoring, and high levels of trust amongst project team and subcontractors.
  • Working with multiple stakeholders.  Multiple individuals involved within Metrolinx, TTC, PRESTO, Network contractor, Physical site managers.

Safety Record: 100,000+ man hours with no lost time accidents

Awards and evidence of excellence: Recognition from Metrolinx Board, TTC Board.